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Hair loss can be genetic (e.g., male pattern baldness) or reflect medical problems which are treatable. The latter include:

Treatable Causes

Low iron

If the hair loss is diffuse, think low iron(even if tests are "normal") and other nutritional deficiencies.

Stress or infection

Hair loss and thinning can be seen 6-9 months after any severe stress or infection (called "Telogen Effluvium"). Hair grows back 3-9 months after stress resolves.

Hormonal imbalance

Even if tests are "normal," low thyroid can result in hair loss.

If the hair loss is in the front of the scalp, the cause could be excess testosterone (in men) or too low an estrogen (in women) — see the online article Bioidentical Estrogen at the reference link below.

Autoimmune dysfunction

If spotty bald patches, see a dermatologist (the cause is usually autoimmune related — e.g., alopecia areata).

More Information Online

Articles at

Bioidentical Estrogen (Safety and Effectiveness of Bio-Identical Hormones)


Recommended Supplements

These natural supports can give marked benefit over time in helping grow thick and healthy hair.

Multi-nutrient powder

Optimize overall nutritional support with a good multi-nutrient powder.


Take an iron supplement until your ferritin blood test is over 100 ng/ml.


Biotin can help strong hair or nails (available in good multi-nutrient powders) at about 200 mcg. Can take an additional 1,000-2,000 mcg a day to help hair and skin health.

Saw palmetto

In men, If hair loss is in the front of the scalp, there may be excess conversion of testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). If blood tests confirm increased DHT, use the herb saw palmetto 160 mg 2x a day to lower DHT levels. It takes 6 weeks to resolve.


Minoxadil (Rogaine)

Minoxadil (Rogaine) is sometimes modestly effective for localized hair loss (like male pattern baldness) at a high cost — but it is reasonably safe.

Other Therapies & Advice

Optimize thyroid function

Optimize thyroid function (seehypothyroidism) and DHEA-s hormone levels. A holistic physician can help with this.

Hair transplants

Hair plug transplants for localized loss are also reasonable.

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